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Coming Soon - Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for Shipping

First Edition

The ICS Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit for Shipping has been developed to create awareness and inspire change in the strategies, policies and practices that will enable the maritime industry to meet the needs of the diverse seafarer community. 

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Coming Soon - Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Guide for IMO Regulatory Compliance

First Edition

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This new publication from ICS guides readers through the first step on the route to decarbonisation: preparing for compliance with the IMO regulatory framework, and in particular, the 2021 amendments to MARPOL Annex VI.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Guide for IMO Regulatory Compliance sets out plainly what the key regulatory changes are for shipowners, operators and managers. It explains in detail the full range of additional technical and operational requirements which ships must now comply with.

All technical managers, superintendents and crew of vessels subject to the regulations, particularly MARPOL Annex VI, should read this guide. It will also be valuable to those involved in the design of new ships and modification of existing ships, including naval architects.

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Biofouling, Biosecurity and Hull Cleaning

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This publication describes the various types of biofouling and the problems it can cause for ship operation and the marine environment. It examines the use of anti-fouling systems to prevent the build-up of biofouling as well as the options available for ship cleaning. It also sets out biofouling legislation and guidelines. The book includes data sheets for a number of hull cleaning companies worldwide.

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On Board Training Record Book for Electro-Technical Officers (ETO Cadets)

First Edition

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Taking into account the competences for ETOs established in the IMO STCW Convention, specifically those in section A-III/6 of the STCW Code, the training tasks included in this Training Record Book have been developed to ensure that cadets make the best use of their seagoing service by highlighting their strengths and identifying areas for further training. 

It can be used by trainees to provide documentary evidence to government appointed assessors of having completed a structured training programme in accordance with STCW 2010, helps supervising officers make an objective evaluation of whether cadets are competent, and provides employers with the confidence that cadets are developing the correct knowledge needed to be successful in the role. 

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