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Seafarer Workforce Report

2021 Edition

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The Seafarer Workforce Report (previously known as the Manpower Report) is the industry standard resource for those seeking the market intelligence needed to develop crewing and training strategies fit for the future.

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Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations

Fifth Edition

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The ICS Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations is the industry standard best practice guide for shipping companies, ships’ crew and helicopter operators. Written for both those in the air and at sea, the Guide helps all those involved in these operations become familiar with the important technical aspects of these complex operations.

The fifth edition provides the latest guidance from industry experts in both the maritime and aviation sectors on standardised procedures and facilities for helicopter/ship operations worldwide, and encourages safe and efficient performance in the field. The Guide should be carried on board every ship and should be accessible to ships’ Masters, officers and crew, helicopter pilots and operators.

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Training Record Book for Ships’ Cooks

First Edition

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Food is crucial to maintaining the health and morale of crews. Without safe, nutritious and appealing food, seafarers would not be able to perform their duties effectively on board ship. The Training Record Book for Ships’ Cooks is the first global resource to help ships’ cooks demonstrate competency and record their training experience as they develop their careers. It is based on the International Labour Organization (ILO) Guidelines on the training of ships’ cooks, which implements the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC) Regulation 3.2.

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Maritime Security: A Comprehensive Guide for Shipowners, Seafarers and Administrations

First Edition

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Maritime security is an increasing concern for the shipping industry and security threats present real challenges to the entire global supply chain. This book provides a comprehensive guide to maritime security, setting out clearly the security threats, statutory requirements and guidance on how to conduct a thorough threat assessment for a voyage. A model ship security plan is also provided along with guidance on how to complete it. 

This first edition title replaces two previous publications: Maritime Security: Guidance for Ship Operators on the International Maritime Organization (IMO) International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code (2003) and Model Ship Security Plan (2003).

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