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The International Chamber of Shipping publishes some books through Witherby Publishing Group. These books are available to buy through Witherby Publishing or your maritime bookseller.

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Cyber Security Workbook for On Board Ship Use

1st Edition

£175 In stock

This workbook is a practical, straightforward and easy to understand guide to support the Master and the ship’s crew with cyber security risk management. Along with detailed guidance on all aspects of cyber security protection, defence and response, the book contains comprehensive checklists to assist with the day to day management of on board cyber security. It will also benefit shipowners, ship managers, ports and their IT departments.

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Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse On Board Ship

Guidelines for Owners and M...

5th Edition

£150 In stock

This publication provides guidance on how to combat drug trafficking at sea and to recognise the signs of drug use and dependence among crew members. Considered the leading industry publication on the topic, this fifth edition has been fully updated by industry experts to assist shipping companies and their Masters and officers.

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Ship to Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gas

5th Edition

£275 In stock

The Guide provides advice for Masters, Marine Superintendents and others, such as STS service providers and transfer organisers, involved in the planning and execution of STS operations. Particular attention is given to the effective planning of operations and aspects including risk assessment, ship compatibility, and the management of workloads to minimise fatigue.

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Peril at Sea and Salvage: A Guide for Masters

5th Edition

£35 In stock

This guide provides information to assist masters in making decisions when confronted with a perilous situation.

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