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Cyber Security Workbook for On Board Ship Use

1st Edition

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This workbook is a practical, straightforward and easy to understand guide to support the Master and the ship’s crew with cyber security risk management. Along with detailed guidance on all aspects of cyber security protection, defence and response, the book contains comprehensive checklists to assist with the day to day management of on board cyber security. It will also benefit shipowners, ship managers, ports and their IT departments.

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Guidance for the Preparation and Implementation of Garbage Management Plans

2nd Edition

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The ICS Garbage Management Plans is intended to assist shipping companies to comply with the latest requirements of IMO MARPOL Annex V (regarding treatment and disposal of garbage) and applicable ISM requirements. The second edition provides updated advice on requirements for ships to prepare and implement Garbage Management Plans, in line with some important IMO amendments which entered into force globally 2013, 2017 and in 2018. A copy should be carried on every ship.

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Tanker Safety Guide: Liquefied Gas

Liquefied Gas

3rd Edition

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The Tanker Safety Guide (Liquefied Gas) is the definitive industry best practice guidance for gas carrier operators, and a carriage requirement under the national regulations of many flag States. It is strongly recommended that a copy of the completely revised third edition is carried on board every ship engaged in the transportation of liquefied gas by sea.

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Personal Training and Service Record Book

2nd Edition

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The second edition takes into account the entry into force of the ILO MLC and the STCW 2010 amendments. The book will assist companies maintain documentation and data relevant to seafarers employed on their ships, including their experience, training, medical fitness and competency in assigned duties. Seafarers can use the book to keep their own personal records of seagoing service, experience, qualifications and participation in drills and exercises on board ships. The Personal Training and Service Record Book enables qualified seafarers to maintain records of all STCW related training, and demonstrate competence to Port State Control inspectors or when seeking to re-validate qualifications.

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