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Biofouling, Biosecurity and Hull Cleaning

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This publication describes the various types of biofouling and the problems it can cause for ship operation and the marine environment. It examines the use of anti-fouling systems to prevent the build-up of biofouling as well as the options available for ship cleaning. It also sets out biofouling legislation and guidelines. The book includes data sheets for a number of hull cleaning companies worldwide.

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On Board Training Record Book for Electro-Technical Officers (ETO Cadets)

First Edition

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This Record Book helps shipowners and managers ensure compliance with international regulations and helps ETO cadets understand the training required to develop their skills and competencies. It can also be used by training academies, administrations and insurers as a universal and standard approach to tracking ETO cadet training and career development.

This Record Book can be used by trainees to provide documentary evidence to government appointed assessors of having completed a structured training programme in accordance with STCW 2010 and provides employers with the confidence that cadets are developing the correct knowledge needed to be successful in the role. 

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Bridge Procedures Guide

Sixth Edition

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For over 40 years, this bestselling Guide has reflected and defined current best practice on the bridges of merchant ships operating in all sectors and trades. Now in its sixth edition, it is widely acknowledged as the leading industry guidance on safe bridge procedures and is a recommended carriage on all vessels by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). 

Thoroughly revised and updated to be relevant to today’s international shipping landscape, the new edition provides clear guidance on best practice approaches to watchkeeping that make safe and effective use of modern technology, and embrace internationally agreed standards and recommendations adopted by the IMO.

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Seafarer Workforce Report

2021 Edition

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The Seafarer Workforce Report (previously known as the Manpower Report) is the industry standard resource for those seeking the market intelligence needed to develop crewing and training strategies fit for the future.

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