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On Board Training Record Book for Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch and Ratings Qualifying As Able Seafarer Deck

Second Edition

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The 2010 amendments to the IMO STCW Convention, which entered into force in 2012, will make it mandatory for trainee deck ratings to use an approved training record book to provide evidence of structured on board training.

To help employers ensure compliance, ICS has updated and expanded its widely used On Board Training Record Book for Deck Ratings. The revised book takes full account of the competence standards stipulated by STCW 2010 including those adopted for the new grade of Able Seafarer Deck. The training tasks included have been developed to ensure that trainees make the best use of their seagoing service, and to help supervising officers make an objective evaluation of whether trainees are competent. 

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Safe Transport of Containers by Sea

Guidelines on Best Practices

First Edition

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These new Guidelines have been published, in co-operation with the World Shipping Council, with a view to minimising the dangers to container ships, their crews, and all personnel involved with containers throughout the transport chain. They have been developed by an expert international industry working group in response to recent incidents involving container ships. The Guidelines recognise the safety responsibilities of ship operators, but also discuss the responsibilities of those involved with the correct packing and stuffing of the cargo into containers, the accurate labelling and declaration of the goods by cargo interests, and the weighing of loaded containers. In addition, they address the safe handling and stowage of containers when they are received by a port facility and are loaded on board a ship, and also cover the maintenance and inspection of the containers themselves.

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Shipping and the Environment: A Code of Practice

A Code of Practice

Fourth Edition

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This Code of Practice is a comprehensive summary of the environmental obligations of shipping companies as required by international regulations and includes a set of clear environmental standards by which shipping companies should operate. The Code also contains general information about the overall environmental performance of the international shipping industry and addresses potential sources of pollution from ships including oil, chemicals, garbage, ballast water and anti-fouling paints, as well as potential sources of atmospheric pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Ship/Shore Safety Checklist for Loading or Unloading Dry Bulk Cargo Carriers

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IMO approved ship/shore safety checklist for use by ship and terminal operators, incorporating guidance on completion and an example loading/unloading plan.

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